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rindu la.haih.

tahniah la ye.

March 12, 2010

MRSM Taiping first ranking untuk result spm tahun ini! SYABAS!


trip to singapura!

March 8, 2010

I just came back from singapore and tell you what, ’twas super fun and full of excitement! πŸ˜€ i’m having no regret following my dad to go outstation this time*sebab selalunya ikut memang bosan asyik duduk hotel je* singapore is totally different from the last time i went there which is,hmm,20 years ago? haha,i’m still baby at that time and my mom always said that we used to go shopping in singapore beli beras, shopping kain at jalan joo chiat etc but i think i can’t selak my memory well enough to remember all those things. So i’ll consider this is my first time going there.

I went there by bus.Wooh,its been ages tak naik bas.I’m sooooo gonna reminiscence back all the sengal lutut and bontot sebab duduk dalam bas for a long time.First day, we went to nusajaya jb.Not going anywhere actually coz my dad’s working. So just pergi tengok nusajaya masuk club golf makan-makan makan.So excited to go to legoland which only will be open on 2012.Wow,my tanah tumpah darah nak ada legoland oh! Apart from that, just lepak at danga bay for makan makan makan lagi.Sempat rembat 5 ketul otak-otak kempas,rinduuuu.sedap betul tak macam jual kat sini.banyak colouring.Bermalam in jb at puteri pacific hotel.Nice suite.But was very disturbed by my abang’s snore so i could not sleep until 3am.Whats with this comfy bed,not helping at all.Haih.

Woke up really early in the morning and sangat excited mau pegi singapura πŸ˜€ cop cop passport and off we go! Tapi ada satu insiden cuak.I kind of forget that in my beg ada mentos gula-gula that looks like chewing gum.Since singapore really is a fine city, memang cuak la aku masa lalu kastam.Lepas je kastam terus pergi toilet and throw away the mentos.Sorry mentos.I love you.

Singapore looks like KL.More or less.With the traffic.The drivers were actually not as rude as malaysian’s driver.As far as i’m concerned la.Takde pulak bawa kereta gaya superhero tak sedar diri. First stop is botanical garden. ‘Twas a beautiful places to visit but takde mood sebab panassss.Moreover I didn’t bring my sunglasess lagi aa gwe hangin. Ramai gilax manusia.I was being informed that the place is always crowded with people because to keep them sane.Sane in term of what? Since singaporean mostly stay in the apartment/condo etc that is far far away from land, for once in a while dapat jalan atas tanah,lega rasanya.I don’t know whether itu theory or what but it make sense. People from around the world memang ada aa kat sana.Nigga,jepun,korean,german etc. Apa yang menarik is those people who bring their pet for a walks (obviously it is dog) ada sorang minah ni cun gila and bawak pet dia anjing jenis german shepherd. Memang secure habis lah. Takde sape nak kacau. Itu je kot yang I found it odd since dekat malaysia ni jarang juga lah tengok people bawak anjing jalan-jalan tepi jalan.Malaysia kan negara islam πŸ™‚ kang tak pasal-pasal asyik kena samak je.

after that,pergi vivo shopping complex,the biggest and largest shopping complex in singapore. Even largest pun,the people there,fiuhh,crowded gila.Bak kate tourist guide “business in singapore is very very good” Seronok gila tengok dorang berbelanja. But we just went there for lunch before going to sentosa island. Besides their enthusiasm in shopping, what i find is odd is their super laju escelator.not that laju laju,but agak laju la to be frank. When I saw the people around, it make sense for the escelator to go very laju from usual speed. I don’t buy anything there except window shopping with my mom.Β  Makan-makan then sembahyang at one of the mosque in the city.

Next stop,sentosa island! Yeyyy,browsing through the pamphlet pun dah rasa excited. At first i thought island ni macam pulau perhentian ke,apa ke.ordinary island la orang cakap.I never thought that this island was full of entertainment andΒ  excitement,keterujaan and fun! But it is not fully completed yet.Just part of it.The theme park there full with rides (roller coster etc) but it is still not open for public. Seeing the roller coster itself,its 100x scarier than corkscrew in genting. Wuwu.Seriusly,i think if one day i might come back here, i dont hv the guts kot nak naik benda tu. (-_-)!

First stop,underwater world singapore! 18sd. Wowot,very excited to meet all those ikan πŸ˜€ apa yang menarik? sea angel and japanese giant crab! so big and ’twas around 1.8 meter. Sea angel,it was not a fish,some kind of snail.Live in the the low temperature and was very small around 5cm je. Nak tengok pun kena pakai magnifying glass.Apa yang menarik,rupa sea angel itself.THe face of it,was like human.And comel.Nak tau lebih lanjut,pi tanya encik gugel.And another kelakar fishy is the sweetlips.WHy is it call sweetlips? because of its thick flesh lips and their sweet appearance. Hehe.Seriously,see to believe.

kami celup celup tangan nak pegang ikan.

ikan bongkok.subhanallah.

sweetlips! hahaa,see,thick kan bibir die? angelina jolie version ikan.

Afterwards, we went for a dolphin show. It has 2 shows,sea lion and dolphin.omg,i’m seriously in need to watch dolphin show sebab tak pernah tengok lagi seumur hidup,but then the show start agak lambat around 545pm so in the end dapat tengok sea lion performance je.But twas an enjoyable one.Cute gila oke.Tambah-tambah when the sea lion dah setel golek sana sini,naik atas stood,and suruh we all tepuk tangan,very cheeky!Β  I uploaded some of their performance.Saje gatal nak upload.

Dah settle jumpa ikan,we went for 4D movie! yikes! been dying to exprience myself to see 4D movie.Super excited. The price per ticket is $18. Basically it has 3 movies and one movie is about 20 minutes. I watched pirate movie.Bukan pirates of the carribean keyh. Memang super best. Bila scene dekat laut,boleh rasa angin-angin sejuk.Bila ada scene pirate jatuh dalam air and ada splash,so nanti kita punya muka pun kena splash dengan air. Bila ada ketam nak gigit,nanti kat kaki ada rasa ketam gigit jugak. Wuwu.Can’t really describe the excitement,see for yourself eh? ; ) And they also has some game where the seat will lompat-lompat and you have to shoot at the screen.I think it is a cowboy game kot.Very interesting but tak sempat nak merasa.

oke fine,gambar tak cantik ni pun i nak letak jugak,tak kire,wuhu.

After that,went for Luge and skyride! $11 per person. So much fun! Distance is almost 700m and the track semuanya turun bukit. Best gila hoke and super laju πŸ˜€ And one thing for sure, helmet dia tak busuk πŸ˜› Best best best.The end of the track tu,its not at the starting point. So nak balik semula ke tempat asal,kena naik skyride.Or it is an open cable car where you have your kaki terjuntai di udara. I don’t know how tinggi it is but very tinggi.Sape-sape yang gayat mungkin ada problem.

Since sentosa island is super big,we can’t travel by our own feet.Kena naik shuttle bus or monorel. Since our next event was to go to song of the sea, which is situated at the beach station,kena travel naik monorel. The odd is, penjaga pintu monorel tu,yang jaga line before bagi penumpang masuk,each and everytime monorel sampai,mereka akan melambai-lambai to us which is a body language saying ‘hi’ to us.Auwww,very friendly service.

We arrived at the song of the sea event betul-betul at 740pm. Ini memang kemuncak of the day la I must say.Since we are late, so terpakse duduk side hujung skali but the view still boleh nampak clear. MAsuk masuk event tak start lagi so lepak-lepak tengok pondok buruk tepi laut kena highlight with creepy colour ofΒ  lampu neon.

I thought there will be only the water fountain that will follow the music but i was wrong! This is indeed 100 times much better than that! Ada penceritaan mereka sendiri.Nak cerita lebih-lebih cerita apa,karang spoil pulak. I don’t know the technical name but from my observation, the technology that they use is sea water and laser.Minus the api la. Where they pancut the water in the air and shoot the laser into it.So it looks like super giant lcd screen floating in the air.Nice tech huh. But the show,was a breathtaking one.Ada one part of the show,i was like meremang bulu roma cause ’twas indeed very nice performance diselit kan pulak dengan nyanyian budak tu yang mendayu-dayu. πŸ™‚ The event took place for about 25 minutes. And aku rasa macam tak cukup.Nak tengok lagi! haha. If anyone nak datang sentosa island,make sure you participate in this event. Seriously you won’t REGRET it. I’ll give some sneek peak from the show.

Cool high advanced technology πŸ˜€ Would love to see it again in the future. Oh,the ticket,$10 per person.Quite cheap aite?Well, if you convert to RM is RM25.

After that exciting show, we went for riverside point. Naik cruise along the river pusing-pusing singapura πŸ˜€ Oh,before that,we had left the sentosa island with many good memories. The riverside point is in the center of the city. The view is wonderful. Bright. πŸ˜€ Ramai gila orang.But very soothing and relaxing. Angin pun sepoi-sepoi sejuk je.Being in the middle of the city,memang tengok dorang sangat maju.Skyscraper building.On the other side of the sea,is marina bay.Tengah under development. Well,mereka kata ade shopping complex,big company and many more.Would love to see it in complete phase after this πŸ˜€

After that, makan-makan along clarke quay. Memang banyak gila food restaurant. Tapi takut la nak makan (-_-)! We ate at king satay restaurant.

Check in hotel,mandi,sembahyang,boommmm,trus tidur.Flat tak hengattt.Memang tak sedar pun tiba-tiba dah subuh.Uuuu,sangat penat.

THe 3rd day was the final day. WHich means it is the shopping day! πŸ˜‰ tapi tak shopping sangat lah. Because i found this gerai at geylang serai selling beautiful maxi dress with just $15-18 je.So cheap.Tapi ingat taknak beli lagi nak tunggu kedai mustafa tu since my dad cakap dekat situ banyak orang jual-jual bag and murah.But it turns out that mustafa tu is just look-a-like kedai mydin je -_- haih,so dissapointed. End up buying some t-shirt je. Settle everything around 1230 and masuk kastam johor after that.

at geylang serai.

Sampai dekat putrajaya time maghrib. Penat badan tak hengattt.Nak tidur dalam bas tak reti. Memang ngantuk gila bai. Experience yang menakjubkan. Feel like wanting to go there again πŸ˜€ Buttt,duit itu harus la berkepuk-kepuk.Food agak pricey. The entertainment itself pun agak mahal. So,sediakan duit yang banyak! ;D Just a reminder,if let say nak berkunjung ke singapore dalam masa terdekat,bawaklah paper cup dalam beg and also mineral water beli banyak siap-siap. Since toilet dekat sana mengamalkan takde kepala pili air dalam toilet,ada tisu je,might as well bawak paper cup.I think negara lain pun ada buat macam ni jugak.Macam kat negara china. If dekat dubai,ade ke patut air dekat toilet bagi air panas. Memang tak sedap aa. And mineral water,dekat sana a bit expensive $2.50. 5 hengget satu botol.pekejadah nya.Baik aku minum air pili dalam toilet. Tapi tak hygienic pulak.So guys,bawak la botol mineral banyak-banyak eh.And also,nanti if aku nak travel lagi pergi singapore,I’ll make sure to bring my maggi cup banyak-banyak! hehe.

Thats all.Long entry huh? Haha.excited kott.Well then,i hope you enjoy reading.and y’all tertarik nak pergi singapore too. Adios!

ps:one thing i love about singapore city is their strict rule for the smoker.Nak smoke,pergi tepi tong sampah! haha.Ada one time I see this group of corporate people semua pakai coat lawa-lawa smart-smart pergi tepi tong sampah and conferencing/discussing. Nak snap gambar tapi cuak pulak.Ala,you can imagine kan the scene sendiri? πŸ˜‰

eh ehe eh

March 8, 2010

Just came back from..











i wanted to blog about my trip to singapore but my body is aching and i’m super sleepy now.Effect from sitting in the bus more than 6 hours.Haih.Will update soon.

family outing lagi.

March 1, 2010

Just finished watching fo final episode.Yeah yeah,semua orang pun dah tengok since SS dah keluar last week but I want to wait for HS,sedap sikit nak download πŸ˜€ and yessss,it’s finally over.The day has come.And suddenly I feel empty inside.

I started to watch fo since my internship last year and ’twas indeed an accidental act to watch it. I’ve to download a huge amount of episodes starting from ep 1 until 50++ i suppose. And kerja aku time pergi ofis at that time was download it nonstop.Mind you the size of one episode was like 1++Gb.And have to download it part by part and join it with HJsplit pulak.Banyak gila kerja time tu.But I did it without banyak cakap for the love of my friend. Luckily internet speed dekat office was superb laju so most of the time i can download atleastΒ  4 episodes per day. But download je,I don’t even bothered to watched it.Sebab masa tu rasa terbeban juga kena download banyak-banyak.

But then,since I really have banyak free time at night time internship,I slowly tried to watched fo.Apa benda yang aku download ni,best sangat ke,lawak sangat ke dll. And fo really changed my night mood after i’d known it. Rasa tiap-tiap malam gumbira dan ceria πŸ˜€

Aku memang aktiflah join forum fo,register rss,register soshisubs,register kimchiten semua untuk source fo.Anything regarding fo,semua aku alert.Bagi aku,fo is everything at that time,and till now.

And now,fo has come to an end.Macam mimpi 😐 eventhou it only took a few weeks for me to start obsessing about fo,but the memory,it’s hard to fade *apsal kuar ayat jiwa ni*

And so fo also have its sentimental value for me.Don’t asked me why,i won’t tell it here.

I never regret knowing fo.Thank you for being my source of entertainment after all this while.


February 27, 2010

Argh.Cuaca panas hari-hari.Nasiblah class and office and lab are fully air-conditioning. So that’s not a problem for me to get rid of this hotness. Tapi,bila balik rumah,get ready je lah.Even dah habis melenggeng with singlet and shorts but still,ohh,i really can’t bear with this weather any longer. Cepatlah bulan 5 ni.Tolonglah hujan hari-hari.Sekarang ni even hujan pun,bahang dia tak boleh blah punye.Still sweating (-_-)!

Tapi,on the other hand,bila pikir-pikir balik,panas macam ni can’t be compared dengan panas di neraka.If sekarang panas,boleh tekan punat on untuk air-cond then sejuk for a while,but dekat neraka,panas for the rest of your life.I mean,there’s no ending.Arghh,itu lagi tak boleh bayang.Astaghfirullahal’azim.Ampunkanlah dosaku kerana aku hanyalah insan yang lemah disisiMU.Matikan lah aku dalam iman dan islam.Jauhkan aku dari hasutan syaitan la’natullah.Amin. *Aku cuba untuk menjadi lebih baik*

Bila baca previous posts,I rarely talk about my last semester for my final year. To be honest, i don’t feel like it.Even though macam hari-hari cakap ‘wahh,tak sabarnya nak habis belajar,nak kerja pulak’ but then come to think of it,working life is much more difficult than your student’s life.But but,you can pegang your own money so i think i can endure all the difficulties kot. *konon*

Tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *banyak pulak tapi aku,dari tadi dok tapi je* to completed the journey,i have to face midterms,finals,lab,my final projects,studying,aaaaa,malasnya.Bila nak change the attitude ni.Haih.Is it because i did not set any resolution for 2010? hehe.Oh,yes,maybe its because of the malas attitude so that i did not set any reso for this year.See,stilll,no changes.Haih.

Apart from that,i want to settled everything this year.Baik dari segi study,and,ahem,too difficult to be mentioned here.Any of it,i hope everything will turned out well. InsyaAllah.Dengan izinNya.

That’s all some rumble talk in this hot day. It dried out the ideas for my blog’s content. Haih. TTYL.

Buang bayi.

February 17, 2010

Isu ini sangat sensitif.Too sensitive to be talk about since i am only a normal public figure.Bukan journalist,bukan wakil rakyat mahupun isteri perdana menteri.Haha.Tapi kerap kali terbaca mengenai kes pembuangan bayi di surat khabar semakin increasing dari sehari ke sehari,buat aku rasa cuak.Especially last week (or last two weeks,I really can’t remember) 3 cases berturut-turut,about bayi yang dibuang,dah la kena buang,meninggal,and kena hurung semut.Even the thoughts of it boleh buat aku rasa marah.Apa manusia yang buang bayi ini sudah tidak ada isi hati perut? The action is so not humanity and civilize at all.Kita macam sudah kembali ke zaman jahiliyah di mana bayi perempuan ditanam,dibakar hidup-hidup untuk elak perkara tak elok berlaku. Hmm.

Back to the topic.Ini cuma pandangan aku sebagai manusia biasa.Yang masih takda experience and chances to do such ‘thing’ in order to get pregnant and get bayi luar nikah,nauzubillah min zalik (-_-)! Risau juga sebab iman ini kadang kala tinggi,kadang kala rendah,tapi insyaAllah dengan lindungan dari keluarga dan rakan-rakan tak terjebak dengan perkara ini.

Mereka yang buang bayi ini,golongan apa ye? Bangsa apa? Aku seringkali nak tahu tapi tak berani nak judge lebih-lebih.Tapi,if tengok from the condition of the baby,the appearance itself,boleh teka kot. Regardless, mana-mana agama pun,buang bayi act can’t be accepted. Setiap agama mestilah ada seruan kepada umatnya untuk menjadi insan terbaik untuk diri sendiri dan juga untuk orang lain,in this case,anak sendiri. Why treat the babies like that? Even haiwan pun sayangkan anak,no offense here.I always try to imagine how the ‘innocent’ ibu felt when she looked her own baby in the eyes,before ditching the baby at the tempat pembuangan sampah,toilet,masjid etc.Oh oh,or maybe she even won’t look at her own baby so that’s why she has the guts to put the baby at such places. I don’t know.Semua orang ada their own reasons,whether it is good or bad. But to really considering buang their own anak,haih,unforgiven.

I don’t know about the overseas,tapi in malaysia quite few numbers of pusat pemulihan akhlak for wanita ada.At this places,they have the chance to rebuild their life.It’s like having the second chance. And aku ada baca statement from Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, Datuk Seri Shahrizat yang pihak authorities can help these problematic couples to decide either to keep the baby or not by giving their babies to JKM,rumah perlindungan or hospital itself. They can help to raise the babies.

Kadang kadang it’s so ironic,where these couple yang dah sedap sedap ‘pekena’ and get pregnant so easily maybe with just one ‘tembak’ and get baby,lepas tu buang je bayi tersebut.When at the same time ada couples yang bertahun-tahun cuba untuk get pregnant but still takda rezeki lagi.Why don’t the ‘get easily pregnant but don’t care about the babies’ group give away their babies to the ‘i try so hard to get pregnant but still takde rezeki and I will embraced the babies if I have one’ group.Baru dunia aman kot.

Aku harap couples-couples di luar sana,think before you ‘act’.Peringatan untuk diri sendiri juga.Manusia ni,kadang kala ignorant,dia rasa benda tu salah,tapi atas sebab-sebab ‘tertentu’ (you know what I mean) they tend to ignore it.Favourite quote ‘hidup hanya sekali,live life to the fullest’ hamek ko,terus pregnant.Anak luar nikah.Erk.

Aku bukan melampiaskan amarah aku ini sebab kengkonon mother instinct dah mula bercambah dalam diri aku ke hape,tapi you asked yourself,manusia mana yang boleh act calm and cool je bila tengok mayat bayi yang menyedihkan di dalam plastik sampah dan berkata ‘ala,buang bayi je kot,dia pun tak kenal dunia lagi,kira orait la tu’ . Kalau ada la manusia macam tu,hmm,nak dekat kiamat dah.

Last reminder,untuk mereka,untuk aku.Cuba jauhi zina semaksima yang mungkin (aku cuba).Then, kalau tak tahan sangat,mari kahwin ramai-ramai.Harharhar.

P/s:Trend sekarang,tunang dulu,kahwin later later pun boleeee.Wow.Ada sesiapa nak bertunang lagi dalam masa terdekat ni?


February 14, 2010

Today was fun. Went out with awanis my dearest friend since high school musical untuk catch up with each other.We ate at Seoul Garden and the price for per person is RM46++ come hari cny makin mahal? aku pun tak cek awal-awal terus the price and straight je cakap ‘2 person please’ and tengok dekat cashier counter ‘rm94++’ .Anywho,its awanis treat today! yeyy,orang kerja ni kena selalu belanja orang supaya murah rezeki πŸ˜€ no doubt,after this, lepas start kerja aku blanja ko plak wanis,no worries πŸ˜€

The food was superb.Lain daripada biasa.I mean,selalu makan benda yang sama je.But this time ada penambahan food pulak.Got lamb bulgogi,ada ketam,ada udang goreng tepung with lemon,many types of kerang,sotong and many more.Pergh,talk about rm46 per person la kan.Patutlah mahal harini.

After fullkan perut dengan bermacam-macam makanan, we went to watch a movie.At first nak tengok the wolfman tapi baca review kata boring and not worth it for remake,so cancel niat.Tengok apa eh? takdok idea la,valentines day? aaaaa,download pun ok kan? ihi. Lastly proceed dengan cerita Percy Jacskon and Olympians: The Lightning Thief.Gamble je la.Dahla tak tau apa sinopsis cerita.Dekat tv pun macam tak pernah tengok trailer. Tapi serius wa cakap memang bes gila bai.Banyak action,monster, memang tak mengantuk aa tengok.Plus,the hero pun kiut.Macam zac efron.

Nak movie review? Macam nak buat je,dah lama tak buat movie review kat sini.

If you like harry potter movies,this one definitely a must watch.Dia takde aa kena belajar spell to curse people sebab they eventually have their own power turun genetically from their father/mother that is dewa.Dewa in english apa eh? I find it kind of fascinating because its involving dewa dewi punya cerita,the sejarah itself,hercules,poseiden la,zeus,hades,memang mitos aa ni. teringat dulu tengok cerita hercules disney,ada beberapa persamaan such as the monster, the olympus etc. Kira menarik la juga bila anak half blood ni possess something from their ma/pa contohnya hero movie ni anak kepada dewa poseidon so memang power aa bab air ni.Meremang juga aa bulu tengkuk bila tengok dia guna air nak crush kan orang jahat.

Its a fiction movie.I’ll give 4/5 stars.Macam boleh je nak tengok lagi sekali tapi takpe lah.Tengok download sudey.Movie ini sekadar hiburan semata.Jangan ambil serius pula dewa dewa ni.Manalah ada dewa dewa ni.Aku ingat dulu ada tengok kartun pasal zeus ni dok baling-baling petir ke bumi.Erk.

That’s all for today.Nanti-nanti update lagi.